In this website you can find the main information about transport, like taxi prices, public transport, etc.

You can arrive to Seville by two principal ways: 1) airplane or 2) train.

  1. How to arrive to Seville from the airport: 

If you come by airplane, the cheapest option is to take the bus from the airport to Sevilla. All the information about the  prices, schedule, etc. in this website.

Another way is to take a taxi, all the information in this website. An important consideration is that exist a fare: “For transportation between the airport and the city, both directions, it has been approved in 2010 a fare of 20.70€ in working days and 23.08€ nightly and holidays.” 

2.  How to move in Seville from the train station: 

If you arrive to the train station (Santa Justa or San Bernardo), you can take a taxi, or the public transport -bus, underground or light rail-.

If you are going to use the bus more than one day (the urban bus, not the bus from the airport), you can buy a Turistic card valid for three days, and you can take it anytime you want. All the information here.

3. Touristic information

Touristic information about Seville can be found in this website.