Talks: Each talk will last no more than 35 minutes followed by 10 minutes of discussion (except the invited talks).

Monday 18th September Tuesday 19th September Wednesday 20th September
9h30 Registration
10h Opening Remarks and Opening Lecture: R. DiSalle  – The method and metaphysics of Newton’s mathematical physics Invited Lecture: I. Smadja  – The Mechanical Import of Numbers : From French Geometrical Mechanics to German Hypercomplex Numbers Invited Lecture: H. Pulte- There is only one system of the world to be discovered’? . On the fate of mathematical reason in rational mechanics from Newton to Lagrange
11h Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
11h30 Contributed Lectures – Chair: K. H. Schlote.

· A. Islami – Symmetry in Newton’s Age

· O. Rechter  – Axioms and Definitions for Arithmetic, and Pure Mechanics: Kant vs. Newton and Schultz

Contributed Lectures – Chair: M. J. García-Pérez

·  N. Michel – On Chasles’ geometrical theory of attraction

·  R. Pisano & P. Bussotti – Reading Mathematics and Mechanics in Newton’s Geneva Edition ([1739-1742] 1822): Historical-Epistemological Reflections and NoS

Contributed Lectures – Chair: G. Schiemer

· S. Costreie – Leibniz’s mathematical model for the infinite divisibility of matter

·  D. Molinini  – Mathematics in (and for) application: the case of Lagrange multipliers

13h Lunch Break Lunch Break Lunch Break
15h Contributed Lectures – Chair: E. Fuentes Guillén

·  J. Navarro – Mathematics, military arts and mechanics in Spain from 16th to 19th century


Lecture: M. de Paz & J. Ferreirós – From Gauss to Riemann through Jacobi: Interactions between Geometry and Mechanics?

Contributed Lectures – Chair: D. Molinini

·  Y. van den Abbeel  – Geometry and Mechanics in the Preface of Newton’s Principia

·  J. Kouneiher – Newton’s mechanics and the idea of unification in Sciences and Mathematics

·  E. Giovannini & G. Schiemer – Implicit definitions and the development of modern axiomatics

Contributed Lectures – Chair: M. de Paz

· M. van Strien– Mechanics, mathematics, and the foundations of classical determinism

· C. Pincock – Mathematical Explanations of the Tides: From Newton to Laplace

16h30   Final Remarks

Conference Dinner
will take place on September 20th.